Armored Core 6 Release Update For Ps4

Now all of we are waiting for one of the best gaming series of Armored Core 6 right ?As we know Armored Core is a mecha-based video game series developed by FromSoftware for the PlayStation and mobile phone platforms. Armored Core games are third-person shooters, in which the player pilots a large mecha called an Armored Core. Armored Core: Verdict Day is the fifteenth and latest title in the series; it was released worldwide on September 2013. source: wikipedia

we all are a huge fan of Armored Core gaming series now waiting to play Armored Core 6 or Armored Core Ps4. Armored Core is one of the best game series for 3 decades. Game has outstanding and great VFX and SFX with never imaginable theme and story so when is Armored Core 6 Release?

Armored Core 6 Update

As we know gaming industry of world is very big and competitive. so they always come with updates related games and updated version has better features with some new functions. so in this post we are going to discuss about Armored Core release 6 or Armored Core ps4.

Armored Core 6

Supported system For Armored Core

Armored Core support various system like playstation, playstation2, PSP, play station 3. Armored Core 5 was game which use to support in xbox one. And we have seen many games which are limited for only smarphones and mobiles. so we hope that whenever Armored Core 6 Release, the accessibility of Armored Core ps4 will be more than previous game.

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Armored Core 6 Release Date : Armored Core Ps4

We all are waiting for the Armored Core 6 but we must tell you guys there is no official statement from the software about the development and release of the Armored Core ps4 so only we have wait till the official statement. so it confusing that Armored Core 6 is really going to happen or not. but hope for the best and wait till they announce official statement. but if Armored Core 6 will come then what do you expect from this series? well we all know in last few years gaming technology is increase rapidly so expectation is also high. but we can expect better game than Armored Core 5 in terms of gaming console, vfx etc. just imagine what happen if the technology of the VR is used in the game its like treat for their fans! we hope studio should come up with great news with Armored Core 6.


we hope they will release armored core 6 soon, You may like this some alternative of armored core series. you should definitely check this list of best alternatives of armored core series.

War Thunder: War Thunder is probably one of the best games  of this specific genre. The game allows you to get yourself engaged in to the most epic vehicular combat and aviation warfare. The game focuses on Aerial combat and air to ground targeted strikes and allows you to take part in.

Tanki Online : Tanki Online is an Action, Third-person Perspective, Open World and Tank Simulation created and published by AlterativeaPlatform. The game supports Multiplayer modes and available to play multiple platforms. There are a massive variety of tanks with auniqueability, and the game consists of four different modes.

Phantom Crash : Phantom Crash is a superb Third-person Perspective, Action, Single and Multiplayer Mech Simulator developed by Genki and published by Phantagram. The game centers on the futuristic year 2031 and takes place in the cyberpunk-themed world.

Metal Wolf Chaos : Metal Wolf Chaos is an Action-Adventure, Third-person Shooter, and Single-player video game created and published by FromSoftware for Xbox. The game centers on the president of the fictional United States known as Michael Wilson.

Titanfall 2: Titanfall 2, the most anticipated game of the year 2016 is coming out in October 2016. This masterpiece is packed with all the ground shattering elements such as First-person Shooting, Stealth and Action, and it offers a brilliant multiplayer experience.


So this is all about Armored Core 6 release in ps4 or Armored Core ps4. hope they release Armored Core ps4 as soon as possible because we all are waiting for this one of the best gaming series. you can also comment below and let us know that what do you expect from upcoming series or you can also suggest some best alternative which you use to play.


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