10 Best iOS Emulator for PC | iOS Emulator for Windows 2018

Do you want to run ios app on your windows ? If yes then i am sure, you are searching for Best iOS Emulator for PC. but don’t worry you got the right page because today we are going to share the list of best iOS Emulator for PC. In this guide you will get to know how can you run ios apps on your windows device using emulator. We all know that sharing images and data from computer to iphone or ipad is very difficult because ios apps do not work with the windows.

And That’s why hundreds of peoples are searching for how to run iOS apps on Windows OR best iOS emulators for Windows etc. Now question is that how can we run ios apps on Windows ? So this article for those people who face such difficulty to run ios apps on windows. If you want to run iphone apps on your pc or want to know which are the Best iOS Emulator For Windows then this article will help you for sure.

What IS AN IOS Emulator : Emulator For Windows

Many peoples are searching for iphone emulator for pc or windows but actually some of them don’t know what is an emulator. I think all of you agree on this right? so lets discuss what is an emulator. An iOS emulator is an electronic program that permits one computer system, known as the host to act like another Operating System, called the guest by allowing the host system to run the software or use devices that are initially established to be used by that particular OS. we have also posted about how to use iMessage on PC.

ios emulator for pc

In simple notes emulator is virtual programs that create different ios environment in windows pc. All those iOs emulator for PC is similar to these program. So the conclusion is that IOS Emulators allows running the iOS app on windows. Now lets get back to the main point of Best ios Emulator For Windows. Below are some advantage and features of ios Emulator For PC.

Features Of  iOS Emulator For PC


  • You can Run in various platform like ios, mac, windows and many more.
  • Emulators are during the development and testing process of apps.
  • Main advantage of Iphone emulator for pc or ipad emulator for pc is that they come free of cost.
  • Emulators are run on multiple device.

Below we have shared the list of 10 best ios emulator for pc or ios emulator for windows which you can use to run ios app on your windows PC device.

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Best iOS Emulator For PC


ios emulator for pc

have you ever seen Interface of ipad user ? if you would then you definitely like this emulator. ipadian emulator is one of the best ios emulator for pc. when you use it, you will get feel of actual ipad on your windows pc. It allows you to access all the iOS apps and games on the pc. you can use this emulator to run ios app and for games. iPadian is known for vibrant displays, attractive GUI, app compatibility. And the UI of ipdaian is very user friendly. ipdaian is freely available and You can get this ios emulator for windows absolutely free of cost.


ios emulator for windows

Smartface is another one of the best popular iphone emulator for windows. It support all of the essential functions for Windows OS seamlessly. smartface emulator work well with ios apps and it is also available for free to use. It let the user develop universal apps entirely for free, so it is used for developing apps. It has also paid version but you can also use free version.


ipad emulator for pc

Mobione studio is also great ipad emulator for pc to run ios apps on windows device. Mobione studio is user friendly and it has great user interface  Developers can use this for testing purpose. So it is highly beneficial for developers who develop cross platform application for mobile and smartphones.It allows emulating various iOS apps with ease as to a user. Even you can develop many iOS applications using it. you can use it for running beta apps on this emulator.

 Air iPhone

ios emulator for windows

Air iPhone is also well known iphone emulator for windows pc. It creates virtual iphone screens on your windows pc. Air iPhone supports adobe air frame work which is very helpful for users. It is available for free and working fine with all Windows PC, android, mac, and iPhone. you need to install frame work for running of Air iPhone emulator. user interface of Air iPhone emulator is amazing. Give it try, you will like it for sure.

iPhone Simulator

ipad emulator for pc

If you want to play ios games on your windows pc then iphone simulator is for you. Yes it allows to run all ios apps on windows, so it will help you to play ipad games on windows pc. And the graphic interface of iphone simulator is amazing. Due to this excellent graphics quality you can get best iPhone interface without buying an actual iPhone. It is also available for free of cost so you can download this simulator easily. In short iphone simulator is one of the best iphone emulator for pc.

Nintendo 3ds

emulator for pc

For gaming Nintendo 3DS Emulator is the best iPhone Emulator for PC. it is one of the well known and popular emulator ever.And day by day Nintendo gaining popularity because it create virtual console on your pc and lets you enjoy 3d games on your windows pc . Nintendo 3DS provide all users to play iOS games which have high resolution and its excellent 3D graphic to play in windows system. So if you want to play game on your pc then i recommended Nintendo.


app.io is also one of the best ios emulator for pc and windows. User interface is also good and it lets you run ios apps on windows pc. The main advantage is that, it does not required to install any software, and it is available for free. basically it is the cloud-based emulator. you can access it from any device like windows, mac, android and many more.


Imame is also best emulator for windows. Actually it is good emulator for gaming, you can download  and install all the games which are available on ipad or iphone. So IMAME is for those who want to play ios games in their windows pc. you should definitely try this emulator for gaming. There is no lagging or Error caused During installation.

So these all are  the Best iOS Emulator For PC. There are many more emulators available in market like XAMARIN, IDOS, Remoted and many more. So you can try any of above to run ios apps on windows. If you have any suggestion then feel free to comment below.

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