Best Rainmeter Skins Themes For Windows 10/8/7

hey, guys if you are a regular user of laptop and want to customize your desktop then this guide is for you Because today we are going to make a list of best Rainmeter Skins or themes which help you to customize your desktop. we all know that if we want to change our desktop background then we can easily change by changing the wallpapers. but it only changes your desktop background not the interface. But for all the Windows users can easily customize the interface also with the help of RainMeter Skins.

But all of you are thinking about what is rainmeter skins? so before the proceed to the list of Best Rainmeter Skins we are going to explain what is rainmeter and how to use to customize the desktop. so follow this post till the end to know how Rainmeter Skins or Themes works and which are best rainmeter skins.

What is Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is an application which helps you to customize your desktop to make it look more vibrant.I t makes your desktop more productive and make changes on Windows interface to change app icon, to change the skin of battery meter etc .. and helpful to you by providing some great deal of information on your desktop itself which possess Clock and more. so basically Once You Install A Theme, It Will Automatically Change Everything.lets proceed further about installation of rainmeter.

How To Install Rainmeter ?

To install these best rainmeter skins on your windows firstly you have to download it from the official website rainmeter so  Click here to go to the you have to download Rainmeter on your Windows PC. now lets check it out which are best rainmeter thems for windows user. follow this post to know about best rainmeter themes or skins.


List Of Best RainMeter Skins And Themes 2018

so people can be confused about which themes they have to use for their windows desktop. so here we have listed some top rated and best rainmeter skins or themes for windows user.below are the best themes to make your decision easy.


JARVIS And SHIELD is one of the best rainmeter skins for windows 7- 8 or windows 10. if you are iron man lover then this theme only for you guys because it is the perfect combo of an iron man with shield effect. I am sure you gonna love it. All the effects and icons of themes are damn cool. your computer looks like iron mans’s jarvi’s computer.



Darkness Falls

If you like dark interface then you should definitely go for Darkness Falls. Starting from the wallpaper, widget, icons everything is cool and you can change it into dark mode. This a night view skin with a dark scenery besides your interface.even new interface provides every user a best visual experience at all.

Download Darkness Falls

Battlefield 3

Actually, this Theme Is Based  On A Game BattleField 3. so if you are game lover then you will love this theme. In this theme, you can find custom sidebar. On that sidebar you can keep your favorite apps and shortcuts which you need has one more cool widgets Which Shows All The Stats Of Weather updates with a custom clock. This theme allows creating shortcuts so you can access shortcuts on a desktop which you need if you want to install this theme then click below download button and follow a procedure to install on your windows. i am sure you will like it.

Download Battlefield 3

Neon Space

This theme is for those People who loves glowy and animated informative is one of the coolest and best rainmeter theme. this theme look like totally as if a you are entering into real space. basically, it is based on an alien ship. By default it gives all the information such as CPU and RAM usage, Date and Time, Calendar etc.. you can also customize as per your need easily.


Download Neon Space


razor depends highly on what kind of wallpapers a person is is one of the best themes of  rainmeter. you can easily change the wallpaper as your provide  information such as Power status, Network strength, you can also change the icon there are too many icons.

Download Razor


Best Rainmeter Skins

 After using an alien theme, Your desktop will look Like a alien. this is very unique theme i have ever can get a proper advantage of this theme by pairing with righ can also change icon and theme very easily.

Download Aliens theme


This theme is very beautiful and i personally like it. if you need all the information about their system and its working right there on the desktop then this theme is only for you. default stuff include  date and time, RAM utilisation, CPU usage, etc. it allows you to create shortcuts which you need daily.

Download Tech-A

NewsPaper Desktop

NewsPaper Desktop is a simple classic theme to decorate your PC interface.i am sure all of you can know about the theme by name that it is based on a newspaper. Mail box is  one of the great features of NewsPaper Desktop  using this you will get your mail updates on a desktop. It has all stuff same as newspaper like date and time, heading etc..

Download NewsPaper Desktop 

Galaxy Suite Rainmeter

Best Rainmeter Skins

This is also a very beautiful theme with great visual. galaxy suite rainmeter provide one of the best galaxy backgrounds with beautiful and attractive visual interface effects on Windows. the theme provide the same effects like the whole galaxy. i am sure Galaxy Suite Rainmeter will change the over all looks of your desktop. It also shows your system status.

Download Galaxy Suite Rainmeter

Before dawn

Best Rainmeter Skins

Before dawn is one of the coolest and simplest Rainmeter skin available. it is very simple and easy to use. look at the image above you will get to know that all in one bar gives you all the notification and information about Time and Date, temperature, current location, Subscribed RSS feeds and shortcuts. But still, if you want to change the color scheme then also you can go for it easily.

Download before dawn


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