Best WhatsApp Hacker Apps for Android and iOS

As per the current trend, people are highly interested in using instant messaging applications instead of using SMS on their Smartphones. When it comes to messaging applications, there are several apps available in Google PlayStore or AppStore to download. But the fact is WhatsApp messaging application is said to the first choice for many people due to its features. By using WhatsApp, the user can make texts, voice call, video call and more. But to hack those things, whatsApp hacking apps are always important to use.

Everybody knows that people are highly addicted to using this social media application. Yes, it offers the best level of communication but at the same time, it provides a lot of worries. Mostly, parents are concern about their kids when they are in online always throughout a day. So, the concentration on their studies may reduce and lead to various paths. To stop those things, monitoring the WhatsApp may bring some changes. Now the query is where to find the WhatsApp hacker apps.

For information, there are many hacking tools available in the store, but most of them are fakes and scam. In order to make the things better, the list of best WhatsApp hacker apps for Android and iOS are mentioned below.


This popular application is available on AppStore to download. AppSpy helps to monitor everything in deep. For example, it is possible to hack and view everything like contact list, chat history and more. Using this application, knowing kid’s recent activities is always possible. Apart from that, accessing towards gallery is also highly achievable after started using this application on iOS devices. This amazing tool is mainly said to be the premium application.


FlexiSPY is another application that offers a powerful result and it is considered to be the most expensive app. Android users can download this application from PlayStore. The application has the best features like taking secret pictures, interrupt phone calls and more. Also, it is easy for the user to view all the Media and messages from WhatsApp. To download and install this application, the rooted device is necessary.


It is the basic application that supports both the Android as well as iOS devices.  Spyera application doesn’t have much-advanced features to experience but still provides a good list of features. Once started using this application, the monitoring of call logs and messages with data and time would be possible. At the same time, it is easy for the user to access without experiencing any hassles.


Looking for Spy? Then PhoneSpying is another option to get all the call log details and messages secretly. With the support of PhoneSpying, the user can listen to audio messages, voice recordings and more. For the better result, just one click is enough to control the target devices. It is simple to get all the call log details or messages via email that whenever required.


This Parental control application is not only for kids but also for employees to monitor their activities. Businessmen can use this application in a better way while handling their business. To use this application, the internet connection is required. mSpy helps to track all the call logs, browsing history, etc. When it comes to downloading, then it is available in Google PlayStore.

The Truth Spy

This could be the best spying application to download which always help to deliver the best result than expected. By installing this application, it is simple for the user to reach the target person. After installing this spy application, everything is possible like monitoring social media sites, live call recording and more. The available of amazing features in this application makes it better when compared to other hacking apps. The Truth Spy application can be installed on iOS devices.


It is considered to be one of the most popular spying apps for businessmen and parents because of its features. The user interface of this application is confusion but still easily monitor the stuff that targeted. Due to its features which are available in it, the application is expensive to purchase and install. If the Spying is important, then this application is the best choice.


Apart from various fake spying applications in the store to download, there are several genuine hacking apps are available. In order to get best WhatsApp hacker apps for kids or businesspeople, then the listed apps will be helpful. The features available in these apps are always considered to be the highlight and power to deliver the best result.



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