Top 10 Free TV Streaming Sites To Watch Live TV Online

Back in the 90s, we had to struggle to get hold of a TV series, all that was shown on tv was once and for all. If we were lucky enough, we got a chance to watch the repeat telecast of a particular series. The same issue was with movies, once in a blue moon, there would be a good movie on TV which the entire household would sit down to watch. Privacy was just a privilege which the ultra-wealthy people enjoyed. As for the normal mango people it was a difficult feat to get to watch a movie at our choice of series or movies. It used to be quite a delight when we were allowed to insert the cassette into the VCR and then would cherish every moment of gaping at the idiot box. But now things have changed, the multimedia platform has evolved. In this post we will be providing you with a list of the top 10+ best free tv streaming sites to watch series online free. settle down to watch a particular series. As of now, life is all about free tv streaming sites. There are various free tv shows online streaming full episodes available all over the web. Also, there are plenty of free movie streaming sites that we can avail to at any given point of time. Life has become very easy after the introduction of such an amazing multimedia platform; all one needs is a multimedia device and the blessing of the internet. One of the best parts about these free movie streaming sites is that these free movie streaming sites no sign up is needed by the user. There are beginners in this field who do not know what this free tv streaming sites are.

Free TV Streaming Sites
Best Free TV Streaming Sites Of 2018

The term can also be shortened to Internet Television or Online Television as it is the generic name for it. Online streaming is the distribution of television content like series, movies, cartoon shows, etc. via the internet to the public on multimedia devices. One does not need a tv these days to watch their favorite shows or movies.

To make it easier for you all to access to such sites to watch tv shows online free streaming, we have listed below top ten of the best online content streaming sites. As there are sometimes, people look for such websites and also ask, ‘Is there a website to watch tv shows for free?’ Well, the answer is yes, and we are bringing to you the best of all.

Top 10 best Free Tv Streaming Sites of 2018


B movies are one of the most popular online free content streaming websites known to any man in the recent times. This website is new and in a very short period has gained a lot of appreciation from users worldwide. With a black and blue appearance, it gives a trustworthy subtle look. While the content it houses makes up for any issue, a user might just dig out. With newest content available every day, this site is the best rated online streaming site.


This website is one of the first and most popular Meta (or aggregator) search engine available online. The user interface of this website is lucid and a user looking for whichever movie they are looking for can easily find them here. All one has to do is type the title and voila! In no time you shall have all the content related to the entered title on your screen.

Tinkle Pad

This is another one of the Free TV Streaming Sites available to the general public. This website receives about 15 unique visitors every day. From movies to TV shows, this site has everything a user needs. With no hassle about signing up or registering, this free website is a great platform to watch your favorite media in.

Project Free TV

The website first debuted about ten years ago, and since then it has gained momentum. It has been noted that the traffic of this website and user numbers have increased by over 120% each year. There is a drawback to this website; the only thing that might bother you is the appearance of the website. Since it commenced in 2007, it has been the same. Apart from which, the content is massive with around 30 million monthly visits.

Yes! Movies

The website when opened gives a treat to the eyes as they have the best appearances. Apart from just looking good on the front, this site has a lot more to offer. There are thousands of free streaming tv shows available online here, and it can be watched without having to download it. The site always keeps their content fresh and updates it regularly to avoid any lagging. It is advisable to surf the site on your phones as it works smoothly just like it does on a laptop.

Watch Series

This website has been tagged as the best site to watch tv series for free on an online platform. With the best shows available on their vast website, Watch Series is a one-stop solution for binge watchers. No matter how much time has passed, a user just cannot get enough of what the site has to offer.

King Movies

This website has seen a huge rise in their traffic since late 2016. Users all over the web have been keen on sharing the website on their social media sites making it a sought after website to surf for free online streaming of movies and tv series. The best part is this website runs smoothly on PS4 and Xboxone.


This website has a great user influence because of its variety of options to avail from. With an easy, user-friendly interface, VMovee is just a pleasure to surf. Their website is updated every day and provides a user with the best versions of content. You do not have to search for higher quality as the website does the work for us beforehand.

Film Club

Before we get on about the website one should know that this website is not available in English which is their major drawback. But the content is amazing. To make it easier for the user, every content has a large thumbnail to identify the content. After which it is just smooth flowing binge watching.

Movie Watcher

This website boasts of a very simple user interface, easily accessible and operated. A user looking for any movie can type in their title and just click on the play button without having to register. After which the movie begins to stream online for free.

With such amazing sites available to us, for free, it is for sure everyone would want to get on our phone and laptops to watch our lost loved series and movies. These Free TV Streaming Sites are hassle-free, with no compulsory activity like registering or signing. Just search the titles and watch them for free.

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