Top 10 Games Like Animal Jam In 2018

Some games are created once but are loved even after they are completed, and animal jam is one of them. Now, these games are special to people for various reasons, and thus not everyone can like every other game. There might be some special features that attracted people or some UI. People simply cannot move over to another game since nothing that great was created again. But now we have collected a list of best games like animal jam which will give you the same excitement.

Top 10 Games like Animal Jam

About Animal Jam:Animal Jam is a multiplayer game which was created in 2010 and gained popularity soon after it was released. The game features a place known as Jamaa where the whole setup is present. There are different cartoons and animated characters present in the gameplay which will also be created by you. You have to control the character you have created and then complete the challenges given to you. Now, several games offer the same thrill as of animal jam, but not everyone can compete. So given below is a list of the best games like animal jam that can compete with it.

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This is a known social platform that is used for playing by gamers from around the world. Now, the game is based on a complete 3D world with features that are built by the players too. This can be played by a kid or an adult since everything that they come across is created by someone similar to them. You can customize your character according to your liking and thus another great feature of this game. This can be played on several devices ranging from computers to play stations etc. You can download it from the Google store or the apple store depending on your device type. You may like our article about Best Games like Runescape.

Games Like Animal Jam


 This is the second game in the list of best games like animal jam because of its user interface. The gameplay is based on an island named Panfu, and the players or the characters are dressed as pandas. Although a drawback of this game is that is created with keeping in mind that the players are aged 6-13 only. But it is true if someone likes these games then they will surely enjoy it to the fullest. Now, the players are also allowed to interact with other players during the game. The environment is completely kidded friendly, and thus one can easily let their child play.

Games Like Animal Jam


If you are making a list and you don’t count Poptropica then you are missing in the most exciting game. The game is so friendly that people can even invite other people and connect themselves with other players as well creating a huge base. This game will let you choose your hero, and then you run on an adventure with them. You have to remember that collecting gems; power weapons is a must in this game since that is what will keep you alive. You also have to design and make an island for this game to proceed further. There will be a total of 20+ islands created by the other players playing at that time or who made it successfully. Solving puzzles would be the hardest task through the whole game so make sure to do that.

Wizard 101

This game belongs to the list of best games like animal jam because of its wonderful two category system. There are two different segments for kids and adults which divides the two different games. Now, this game is set in the Wizard city where you explore and solve quests to move ahead. The players have to maintain the safety of the city and thus keep all the attackers away from the city people. You have to remember that a collection of different magic cards is also your target that you have to complete. There are different spells one can learn to defeat the enemies.

Games Like Animal Jam


The list of best games like animal jam would be incomplete without the mention of vintage. Fantage is known for the impressive quality of virtual world they would provide you with. You will be able to create characters that are cartoon forms of your self since full customization is allowed. You can change the color of their hair to clothes for making them look like you want. You can choose between two options of playing online or offline according to your preference. There would be some events that you can take part in for making the game much more interesting.

Club Penguin Island

If you like penguins then there is a no better game than club penguin since the major element of this game is Penguins. You have to create an account to meet the community of penguins. You will then have to choose a penguin for yourself and then name it. This penguin will be your character in the quest inside the island where you have to find secrets and then solve them. You have to complete the puzzles or quests assigned to you every day to earn rewards. You can also be a part of the functions or concerts organized for the penguins.

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Moshi Monsters

 This game is developed for kids of the age 5-7 and who can access devices for their free time. This game is included in the list of best games like animal jam because of the wonderful and child-like user interface. Now, one can attain up to 6 pets or monsters of their choice for the game. You will first have to select your choice of pet and then customize it for the game. Once you cross this step, you can follow the steps and move ahead to the city of Monstro where your game is based. You have to cross and solve puzzles in this game that will earn you rewards for further games.

Pirate 101

 This is a free game that one can play if they want best games like animal jam with pirates. In this game, one has to fly ships with board game style of combat and is styled especially for kids. You can have the pirates of your choice while you play the game and its 3D interface will keep you glued to the screen. You have to move ahead keeping in mind that finding treasure is the main aim of this game. You will get different tasks for completing within a fixed time limit.


This is a game for all those animal lovers out there who can’t have a pet in reality. This game belongs to this list because of the simple reason that they let you have and nourish pets in a virtual world. This is based inside Neopia where the time is different than the normal time zone. You have to dedicatedly take care of your pet by purchasing items or increasing items to give them good care. You can easily purchase these items with the help of the currency of this world and also earn them by solving puzzles. You can also take part in action games and chats with friends.


 This is a social networking place for teenagers or an adult developed by the Finnish world and is called Haboo Hotel. In this game, you create your character and then design the rooms you will stay in. You will make and meet friends from the game and then plan several get together or parties. You also have to remember you will have pets that you need to take care of. This is created for a certain age group but can be easily enjoyed by anyone who wants the best games like animal jam. Its whole user interface is player friendly and gives you the opportunity to learn different things throughout the time.

Pixie Hollow

If you are given a game developed by Disney then you don’t need to find other best games like animal jam. You have the best game already with all the required features and wonderful gaming experience. The game can be played on various platforms, and that is why it is much more popular among everybody. If you were a fan of Disney character and especially the fairies, then this game is perfect for you since it’s a celebration for them! You have two choices for the character you want to play in this game, e., a sparrow man or a fairy. It is not a simple game, and you must pass different challenges to have the final win. Your character will be completely created by you whether it’s a fairy you design or a sparrow man.

Now, after we have discussed all the possible best games like animal jam, it is essential to mention that every game has a different feature that makes it the best. So choose them according to what you should be the first criteria. Now, go ahead and enjoy the different games!


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