Best Games Like Huniepop To Play In 2018

Are you someone who loves the games like huniepop 18+? Well, then this is the right place to check out all the puzzles game. You must be very much aware of the huniepop game where you have to match all the puzzles and the game deals with time matching and dating Sim. Teens and adults used to love this game. After playing a game for a long time, you will start to get bored, and then you will opt for similar kind of games. Nowadays you can see that virtual games of dating a very much popular and hence people are trying out similar games like the Huniepop which will run on their devices. So here is a list of similar games which we can play.

Top 5 Games Like Huniepop

Sengoku Rance:

It is quite similar to match three games like huniepop because this game is related to dating simulation and it includes different types of the comic moment and little puns. So this game starts with the root and ruthless warrior whose name is Rance. Here the character is quite different than the other games, and you will notice no melodrama in this entire game. Here the game deals with a visual novel for adults. The developer has made this game funnier, and it is loaded with adult content.

Games Like Huniepop


Kitty Power’s matchmaker

This is also a similar game like huniepop for iPhone and was developed and published by magic motion and was helped by the mastertronic group. The scheme was launched in the year 2014 and can be played on various devices starting from iOS, Windows, and Android. Here the game revolves around matchmaking. Now the Kitty Power will launch a brand new branch for matchmaking business where you have to work for doing the work of matchmaking. So basically your job is to check the compatibility between two people and find the perfect couple. Check the compatibility between two people and find the perfect couple so here you will get the liberty of customizing different characters. The moment you find any compatible match where two people have same taste both in foods and other choices, then you will have to arrange the date. You have to question them about restaurants and other dating questions. This game has many features, and if the date is successful, then you will get some points as well as rewards. So keep matching for gaining points.

Games Like Huniepop

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Mystic messenger:

It is one of the most favorite games of the people who will play games like huniepop 2017. This game is played by the females as it is a female-oriented and visual novel. Cheritz developed and published this game and was released into the market in the year 2016. It can be played on both IOS and Android devices. You can play this game in only single-player mode, and this game revolves around Romance. You can easily change the girl’s name who will be the protagonist. Here the game will start with a girl who will download any mysterious app which will make her live in an apartment which will be closed and where she will have to stay with six people. The app which she will download will be owned by Rika, and she is an owner of a Charity organization. So now the girl has to start her romance life with any of the characters and see the truth that is lying behind the organization owned by Rika.

Games Like Huniepop


 This game was launched in the market in the year 2014, and it is quite similar to games like huniepop on steam. This game also deals with virtual noble, and it can be played on various devices like Mac, Android, Windows, and IOS. Winter Wolves are the developers of this game. You can only play this game in single-player mode, and you will have to choose any protagonist from the game according to your gender preference. There are two characters Max and Anne. Max is a guy who has a rebel kind of attitude. He plays guitar as well as sings in the college where Anne is quite a studious girl who has a very shy nature. So if you choose to be the girl, then the game will start from the college’s first day where the protagonist will dictate the entire story. So here the player has to share their rooms or houses with other roommates. So the entire game will consist of daily things which we face in our lives and how it can lead to special occasions. Once you start playing this game, you will come across various characters like Dominic Roxanne Sally, Carmen Isabella, and Butch.

Games Like Huniepop

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Kamidori Alchemy Meister:

This is a Japanese game which is similar to games like huniepop android and has gained huge popularity among other dating simulation apps, and it also deals with a visual novel for adults. Here in this game, you can experience various kinds of fantasies, unlike other games. So the game starts with a boy whose name is kamidori. Here kamidori will be the protagonist who is pursuing hard training for becoming an Alchemist. So the entire game will revolve around his progression as well as the adventure that the will experience throughout his journey. Then the game will reach a level where he will get accompanied by three more girls where he will be their bodyguard. So kamidori will have to choose any of these three girls, and the rest game will depend on the option he chooses. Kamidori will romance with the selected girl so the entire plot is very easy to understand as well as you can easily play. So this game will provide you with perfect Kombat and storytelling. The visual of the game are also very much good which will keep any player hooked to this game.

So you can easily download these Games Like Huniepop and play on any device. Both teens and adults can play these games in their spare time. This game has some of an interesting storyline which we keep the players hooked up to this game for a long time. Here the game will prepare the player for real dating.


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