How to Fix Device Descriptor Request Failed in Windows

All the Windows users who have been using the operating system for quite a period for work or entertainment has encountered the problem of USB device is not recognizable. This is basically because of the issue of Device Descriptor Request Failed. The problem here is whenever you insert the USB drive into your windows computer it always comes up with an error. Trying to solve the problem from device manager is useless because the USB will be labelled as an unknown device which is the reason of device description request failed Xbox 360 controller. This problem with the windows may occur for several reasons, and there are a lot of ways users can fix this problem. This sometimes happens to windows because of the result of virus affecting the operating system or there could be a virus on the USB drive which is preventing windows from recognizing it.

device descriptor request failed

There are several approaches to the problem of device description request failed Bluetooth. There are few fixes to this problem which take up very simple time, and they are only effective when the problem with the computer is not that big. Device Description Request Failed windows ten android is one of the most common problems in windows, and it only happens whenever a USB is plugged into the PC or to the laptop. Users need to follow the steps to save some of their time. There are other problems in windows like blue yeti device descriptor request failed and beta flight device descriptor request failed but none of them are as common as device descriptor request failed.


The reason why the device description request failed mouse error is caused

  • When users fail to update the drivers, and the computer or laptop keeps on running in an outdated driver.
  • This also happens when the users use all the corrupt USB drives on their laptop or their PC


Fixing the device description request failed Reddit problem by removing the power supply

  • If users face the issue of device description request failure on their windows pc or laptop all they need to is shut down their laptop or pc properly and disconnect it from the power supply
  • Wait for some time after shutting down and then again switch it on


Fixing the device description request failure problem by disabling the feature of a fast startup

  • Check if the restarting the system has worked or not
  • If the restart has not successfully worked then all the user needs to do is disable the setting of fast startup. The latest feature of Windows 10 is the fast start option, and this could be the reason why the device description request failure is happening.
  • To disable the fast start option users, need to go to control panel of their windows and then go to the power option. In the left-hand side, there will be an option for power buttons. The user needs to click on power buttons. Go to the charge settings which will be unavailable currently. Users now need to uncheck the box for the fast start turn on and then click on save settings
  • After saving the settings, users need to restart their computer, and they are good to go.

Fixing the device description problem by changing the USB selective suspend settings

  • Users need to go to the battery icon on their laptop and right click on it so that the taskbar system tray comes out
  • When the system tray comes out, users need to click on the power option
  • When the new window opens, the user needs to change the settings plan and upgrade to advanced power setting option from balanced option.
  • There will be a change advance power setting which will open up a window of power options and user needs to find the USB drive in it and expand it.
  • Once the user expands the USB option, then they will get an option of USB selective suspend settings and then disable it manually
  • Do the same process with plugged in the laptop and also a laptop on battery mode


Fixing the device description problem by uninstalling USB drivers who are unknown

  • Users need to open the run application on their Windows PC or laptop
  • Type in “devmgmt.msc” on the run search engine and press enter
  • Users now need to attach the device if it is already not connected. Users need to find out the USB device option from Universal serial bus controller list.
  • Now, all it needs is a right click and uninstall.
  • After everything is done and uninstalled just restart the computer and it will be all done.

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Fixing the device description problem by updating generic USB hub

  • To update the generic USB hub users, need to go to device manager and open run from that option
  • Type in “devmgmt.msc” in the run search engine and press enter
  • Users now need to look for the bus controllers for the universal serial. Then the users need to the right click on the generic USB hub option and then press on Update Driver Software
  • Once you are done with that, another window will open where there will be an option to browsing my computer for driver software. Users need to select that and then go to Generic USB hub and close the window
  • Restart the computer once everything is done and the windows will be up and running in no time at all.


Fixing the device description problem by troubleshooting

  • Go to control panel and type trouble-shooter in the search bar
  • Open hardware and sound settings and configure the device option
  • Users will now be able to fix the USB device not recognized the problem. After the whole process of troubleshooting is done restart the computer and there will be no longer be any issues with the windows.

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This problem with the windows is very much solvable, and anyone can just read about it and fix it by themselves. The error only occurs if the device descriptor request failed nothing plugged in. For any windows problem related to devising descriptor request failure this article will help solve all the issues.

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