uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus: ublock vs adblock Which Is Best?

uBlock origin vs Adblock plus: When you click on download button to download music and movies online, you always suffer with irritational ads right ? but most of these ads can be easily blocked by browser extensions. uBlock and AdBlock are the two most impressive adblocker for this. so which is best to block ads ? In this article we will compare two of the best currently. ublock vs adblock. lets proceed to the ublock origin vs adblock Which Adblocker To Choose in 2018 ?

ublock vs adblock

most popular adblocker to block these ads is adblock plus but there are other recent alternatives such as Unblock Origin, which has some advantages over its main competitor.Let’s look deep into various aspects of uBlock vs AdBlock and choose the best one to block these ads. some of the ad blockers themselves are untrustworthy. so there is a debate whether we should use them or not. But these ad blocker Not only will we be able to block annoying ads, but also it use for Malware blocking.

ublock origin vs adblock

Lets proceed to the comparison of these free ones ad blocker ublock vs adblock comparison or uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus. But let me inform you that they are similar in some aspects. so lets look into deep to choose which is the best.

adblock plus

AdBlock Plus works very well, you can block annoying ads and malware. adblock plus is free extension and it is completely different from adblock extension. adblock plus is released eight years earlier than ublock. And it is available for firefox, android, internet explore, opera , safari and chrome browser as an extension. so you can say that adblock plus availability is wide and available for every browser. so its quite good to use for browser.

ublock vs adblock

ublock origin

Ublock Origin has a minimalist panel, with the only option in sight to turn the blocker on off, next to a statistic. The icons around it allow us to inspect elements of the pages and request logs. However, they are not exactly easy or interesting for the average user. ublock origin is also available for safari, firefox, chrome and opera browser. Even ublock origin has gained more users and popularity.

ublock vs adblock

uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus: Interface

Memory consumption is the most important aspect of judgment. The task manager of Google Chrome proved that uBlock consumes less memory compared to the AdBlock. The one that consumes less memory helps in achieving faster and better results. AdBlock Plus requires a lot of processing capacity to perform its task -both processor and RAM- and therefore it is not recommended for systems with limited resources.

Ublock Origin has a minimalist design and clean Ui, with the only start and stop button in the begining. AdBlock plus has a similar enable-disable button and stats about blocked pages. even there is option to share these stats in facebook. so there is no any difficulty with UI and it easy to use. but still you can go for ublock origin because layout of ublock is quite good and pleasurable.

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ublock vs adblock Settings

if we talk about settings of uBlock vs AdBlock then we have consider how user will be able use these extension with full potential. let me tell you we are not doing any comparison between uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus because both are two different ad blockers.

You can see the settings of both extensions in below images which indicates that they have general settings of 3rd party filters, general filters, whitelist, myrules etc.. but here adblock plus has filter list and add your filters and it is more interactive than ublock origin.

uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus

uBlock is the perfect place to optimize the settings, considering the massive options provided by it. But if you are lite user than you can go for adblock plus. So both have good settings in their terms.

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uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus


If we look into users then and adblock  plus has 10,000,000+ users , In favor of UBlock, we can highlight a significantly lower consumption of resources so we can say that there is no notable difference between both extension. you can check this Reddit discussion happened on the recent poll about uBlock Origin vs  AdBlock Plus for more more info.Which one do you prefer to use comment down and let us know.



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