Which is the best wireless dog fence?

If you have a dog, then it is one of the most amazing things to cherish. Security and Safety of a dog is very much important. Dogs are very energetic and rebellious creatures which like to explore the whole world around them.

Even though they are well-trained, there are instances when they don’t follow your orders and instead roam outside freely.

What happens if they cross the safe area?

If they cross the safe area, they might get injured due to vehicles or they might get attacked by other dogs and other issues.

What is the solution?

The best solution for this is a wireless dog fence. It is the best solution for giving your dog freedom to play along with preventing it from crossing safe area.

There are mainly two types of wireless fences: fully wireless and semi-wireless. Semi-wireless fences use a buried antenna and a receiver collar. Fully wireless systems utilize a radio transmitter.

Without further ado, we will provide you with the list of Best Wireless Dog Fence.

Best Wireless Dog Fence

Here is the list of best wireless dog fence.

1. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

This wireless fence is able to cover upto half-acre of land. In this kit, the system consists of a small unit inside your home and a signal is sent to your dog’s collar if it tries to cross the safe area.

The installation is very easy, you have to just plug in the transmitter and start the training procedure. It is fully portable and you can carry it during camping and vacation.  The system consists of 5 adjustable levels of correction including tone-only mode.

The receiver is waterproof, hence it can be used anytime. The receiver collar possesses a low-battery indicator which alerts you before a specific time. Lastly, it sends out a warning tone which is audible enough before the pet sets foot on the boundary zone.

2.  PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

This device is wonderful for keeping your pet safe. It is designed to be fully portable. It can be easily used at home, RV or anything which has access to power.

The fence can cover a radius of 0.75 Acre and can be extended to 105 feet. The device consists of a single collar with a rechargeable battery. The battery can last for 3 days.

If you possess more than one dog, then you can add multiple collars in the system. It consists of 5 levels of correction and only one tone for training mode.

3. Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence

It provides you full control over the wireless boundaries which you have set. 

For this, set the chords over the perimeter which you don’t want your dog to cross.

The collars are fully waterproof and provide 5 levels of correction. If you have multiple dogs, then you can purchase more collars which can allow more dogs in the area.

The cord covers an area of 1/3 acres which can be further extended to 5 acres. All the extra wires and transmitters are sold separately, hence you can set up transmitters per containment. This will allow you to increase your containment area.

The most amazing part of this fence is, you can return the product whether in 2 days or 2 years of the date of purchase if you are not satisfied with it.

4. Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System

It allows two dogs to learn their boundaries using the wireless fence kit. It consists of two training collars and a transmitter which is capable of forming boundary as big as half an acre.

Both the collars are fully waterproof for increasing life of collars. It is backed-up by 6V replaceable battery and it uses a light static shock to train your dogs.

5. Hidden Dog Fence by Sit Boo-Boo

This dog fence consists of a correctional alarm which is best for both small and big dogs. The signal can be set to 5 levels and alerts you instantly when a dog goes out of the safe area.

The fence can cover an area of 5 acres which is equal to 4000 feet and mostly it will not fulfill your demands. Hence you can always buy more flags for more security.

Due to its in-ground fence transmitter, it can be easily installed anytime without any issue. If you are unable to install, refer to its installation guide. Also, you can contact customer care support, which is available 24×7.

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